As a somatic analytic psychotherapist, the source of my energy comes from the desire to give back what I was given along the way of my evolutionary path, through both the theoretical post-graduated 4-year training and especially through my personal psychotherapy. This had led to set my life goal to help and support people, representing a guide at critical moments of their evolution: when a symptom is encountered, existential crisis must be faced, a trauma dramatically change a life, or when experiencing, sometimes inexplicably, a panic attack/disorder and general anxiety.

My year-long experience at the Psychosomatic Practice in the Clinic Psychology Department of “Azienda Ospedaliera Sant’Anna” in Como, has allowed me to deepen specific topics of psychological disorders as interpreted by the body, the so-called psychosomatic disorders, which reveal themselves in physical disorders or pathologies deep-rooted in the body but mentally originated.

The approach that I apply in my therapy is analytical: it is based on Carl Gustav Jung’s theory and represents the evolution of his thought. In addition to the one-on-one treatment, I apply a technique of body relaxation with the aim of producing images which, along with dreams, are an essential material for symbolic treatment and symptom processing. My background and knowledge of the language allows me to hold treatment in English.